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BLL OEM Ultra-Compact SLD Light Source for PCB On-Board Integration

Our newest OCT-inspired solution!


  • Ultra-Compact design 45x60x21.5 mm
  • Designed for integration onto PCB boards
  • UART control interface
  • Pushbutton control
  • USB control interface through an optional evaluation board
  • Up to 400 mA SLD drive current, compatible with most Superlum SLDs
  • Supply voltage 5 V
  • Automatic Current Control (ACC) mode
  • Automatic Power Control (APC) mode
  • 10 kHz modulation (ON/OFF)
  • 0…+50 °C operating temperature range
  • High stability, low noise
The OEM Broadsweeper, tunable, wavelength-swept laser

Product Description:

BLL Ultra-Compact Broadband Light Sources are wide spectrum SM- or PM-fiber coupled light source modules for applications requiring a reliable, powerful, stable, and low-noise SLD light source with a broad and flat spectrum and a short coherence length. A high-precision current and temperature controller powers the SLD module inside the light source. The SLD output can be modulated (ON/OFF) at the rate of up to 10 kHz. BLL Light source is designed to be mounted on a PCB or a Superlum BLL Evaluation Board. An optional BLL Evaluation Board allows for a quick and easy BLL light Source setup and testing.

BLL Light Source allows various options to control the optical output: by the pushbutton on the case, by logic signals via the 12-pin connector, or from a USB interface via a Superlum BLL Evaluation Board.

SUPERLUM Evaluation Board

Superlum offers optional BLL Evaluation Board with a USB interface for rapid evaluation and testing of BLL Light Sources. Refer to the BLL companion software for remote control via computer using the USB port. Note the computer interface fitted to this device is a non-standard USB interface. It provides a virtual COM port for remote control via USB connection.

BLL Light Source mounted on a BLL evaluation Board.


When ordering the BLL light source, it is only necessary to add "BLL" after "SLD" in the model number of the SLD module required, unless otherwise specified. The optical output can be a FC/APC or SC/APC terminated fiber pigtail in a 0.9 mm tube.

For example:

  • BLL-371-HP2-SM, ACC – BLL light source with a standard SLD-371-HP2-SM module inside, fiber pigtail output, preset to constant current mode.
  • BLL-381-HP1-PM, APC – BLL light source with a standard SLD-381-HP1-PM module inside, fiber pigtail output, slow axis PMF alignment, preset to constant power mode.
  • BLL-331-HP1-SM, ACC – BLL light source with a standard SLD-331-HP1-SM module inside, FC/APC socket, preset to constant current mode.

Technical Documentation


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