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For decades, Superlum has been manufacturing high quality Superluminescent Light Emitting Diodes (SLDs), Gain Chip Modules and Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers (SOAs). With a long history of SLD research and development, Superlum offers SLD modules at 670 – 1620 nm spectral range as well as broadband SOAs and Swept Wavelength Tunable Semiconductor Lasers at 800 – 1000 nm spectral range.

Our products are employed over a wide range of applications including biomedical and industrial optical coherence tomography (OCT), fiberoptic gyros, Bragg Grating sensors, atomic force microscopy, metrology of fiberoptic components (including DWDM components testing) and machine vision.

  Superluminescent Diodes
  • Standard modules at 660 - 1610 nm.
  • Miniature fiber coupled modules "MiniBUT".

Superluminescent Diodes

  Fiber-Coupled SOA Modules

Fiber-coupled Semiconductor Optical Gain and Amplifier modules at 780 – 1000 nm spectral range.

Fiber-Coupled SOA Modules

  Current Drivers & Temperature
Controllers (PILOTs),
SLD and Driver Assemblies
  • SLD Controllers (PILOTS) for temperature stabilization and driving of SLD modules.
  • OEM Drivers: board-level controllers for integration into OEM products.
  • SLD and Driver Assemblies.

SLD Controllers (PILOTs), OEM Drivers, SLD and Driver Assemblies

  Broadband Light Sources, Broadlighters
  • Miniature broadband light source modules.
  • Compact broadband light source modules.
  • BroadLighters:
    1. M-S-series with internal optical isolators.
    2. M-D-series for industrial innovations.
    3. M-T- and M-Q-series for ultra high resolution OCT.
  • Older S- and BLM-S-series (still in production).

Broadband Light Sources, BroadLighters

  Swept Wavelength Tunable Semiconductor Lasers, Broadsweepers

Swept Wavelength Tunable Light Sources.

Swept Wavelength Tunable Semiconductor Lasers, Broadsweepers

  Master Oscillator Power Amplifier SLD Systems

MOPA-SLD-850: The first commercial 850-nm SLD-based benchtop system emitting 50 mW from PM-fiber with a smooth, low-rippled optical spectrum.


  Customized Solutions

We provide a lot of customized solutions based on your needs. Contact us for further information.

Customized Solutions

  Discontinued Products

Products that are no longer being sold. Recommended replacements are listed, if available.


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