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PDF (129 Kb)Superluminescent Diodes. Short overview of device operation principles and performance parameters.PDF (129 Kb)

  • Principles of SLD operation. SLD output power.
  • SLD spectrum and coherence, temperature performance and more...
  • SLD and optical feedback.


How to use marking of Superlum product range for ordering information:

The breakdown of the markings used by Superlum is as follows:


(λ) = type of SLD chip, depending on spectral band:

SLD-26, 680 nm;
SLD-38, 780 - 860 nm;
SLD-37, 800 - 860 nm; very broadband spectrum, up to 50 nm FWHM;
SLD-48, 920, 980, 1045 nm;
SLD-47, 910 - 950 nm; very broadband spectrum, up to 80 nm FWHM;
SLD-56, 1270 - 1330 nm;
SLD-57, 1270 -1330 nm, very broadband spectrum;
SLD-66, 1370 - 1410 nm;
SLD-76 , 1440 - 1610 nm.

(a) = 0 (free space) or 1 (fiber pigtailed)

(b) = power category (LP, MP1, MP2, MP3, HP1, HP2)

(c) = package type (see Packages)
DIL ; SBUT ; DBUT - cooled fiber pigtailed packages,
TOW1 ; TOW2 - cooled free space packages,
MiniBUT ; TO-SM - uncooled fiber pigtailed packages,
TO 5.6 ; TO 9 - uncooled free space packages.

(d) = SM (isotropic) or PM (polarization maintain) fiber (pigtailed versions only)

(e) = PD (if PD monitor is required/available)

(f) = 1550 or 1040 or any customized wavelength of central peak (this option should be discussed with a Superlum sales person).

Examples: SLD-371-HP-DIL-SM-PD; SLD-761-MP2-DIL-SM-1550; SLD-380-MP3-TOW2-PD-845.

SLD-Based Products:

S-680-1, S-790-1, S-8XX-1 – examples of 1mW S-type +9 V DC light sources

Pilot4 – +9V DC Pilot4 current driver and temperature controller;
Pilot4-AC – 110/220 V current driver and temperature controller;
Pilot4-WP – 110/220 V AC Dual Channel Controller

S840-HP-I – wall-plug, optically isolated 10 mW Broadlighter at 840 nm;
S930-HP, S1300-HP – high power wall plug light sources at 930 and 1300 nm;

D830-XX – D-series Broadlighter at 830 nm;
D855-XX – D-series Broadlighter at 855 nm;
D890-XX – D-series Broadlighter at 890 nm;
D1300-HP – D-series Broadlighter at 1300 nm

T840 – T-series Broadlighter centered around 840 nm, 100 nm spectrum width;
T870 – T-series Broadlighter centered around 870 nm, 180 nm spectrum width;
Q870 – Q-series Broadlighter centered around 870 nm; 200 nm spectrum width

What is superluminescent diode and what are its advantages with respect to other semiconductor light sources?

SLD is an edge-emitting semiconductor light source that combines high power and brightness of laser diodes with low coherence of ELED. It can emit a single spatial mode light of the same power as a singlemode diode laser with ELED-graded spectrum width. Superlum offers SLD with SM fiber coupled power up to 20 mW ex fiber.The Superlum wide spectrum SLD series allow to get coherence length less than 10 µm.

What products and services are offered by Superlum?

Superlum is focusing on research, development and production of SLD and SLD-based
devices. We offer:

  • Free-space and singlemode fiber coupled SLD modules at 680 nm, 790-860 nm, 900-1060 nm, 1250-1350 nm, 1400 nm and 14501600 nm spectral bands, with different output power and specrum width.
  • Different types of SLD drivers: current and temperature controllers +9 V PILOT4, 110/220 V Pilot4-AC, 110/220 V AC Dual Channel Controller PILOT-WP2.
  • Power-stabilized 1 mW SLD light sources based on SLD modules and PILOT controllers.
  • SLD-based benchtop light sources, "Broadlighters".
  • Developing of customized SLD modules and SLD-based light source.

How to use SLD safely?

  • Always use at least the same protective measures, as when working with laser diodes.
  • Use only specialized laser diode temperature and current controllers, or buy your SLD module together with the Superlum PILOT controller.
  • Protect SLD from optical feedback which may affect performance of low-to-medium-power SLD and damage high-power SLD.
  • Always start from low level of optical power when activating your SLD module; do not increase SLD power if the output power is evidently different from the specification data, find the reason for this discrepancy first.

What Superlum products have shortest coherence length?

These products are called "Broadlighters". These wall-plug light sources combine two or more SLD modules with slightly shifted center wavelength.

How to get more details about SLD performance?

Read our short notice "Superluminescent Diodes. Short overview of device operation principles and performance parameters"PDF (129 Kb) and ask us for more details about particular SLD parameter.

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