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Business continuity statement.

Superlum is open for business.
At this time of uncertainty in Europe, Superlum Diodes Ltd wishes to reassure all our stakeholders that Business in Superlum Diodes ltd will continue as normal. Our strategic Business contingency plan was designed for the times we now find ourselves in. Times when our supply chain could be interrupted. All our stakeholders, but specifically our customers can be rest assured that we have robust multiple supply chains in place for critical components ensuring in so far as is humanly possible that we can fulfill our obligations, regardless of current events in Eastern Europe.


SUPERLUM's new offer BLM2-D-840-B-10.

SUPERLUM’s BLM2-D-840-B-10 light source is now offered at a best price on the market and available for a rapid, one week shipment. It has 100 nm spectral width at 840 nm and is designed for high resolution OCT imaging. This device features a compact design with integrated current and temperature controller with USB and TTL interfaces.
Click here to send a request to our research team for more information. T&C may apply.


New offer on SUPERLUM's cBLMD-T-850.

SUPERLUM’s light source for ultra-high resolution OCT – cBLMD-T-850 – is now offered for one-week shipment at a very competitive price. This product features 165 nm spectral width at 850 nm with coherence length less than 5 um in air. Our cBLMD has USB and UART control interfaces. As an option, an optical isolator can be integrated.
Click here to send a request to our research team for more information. T&C may apply.


SUPERLUM's new offer for SLD-mCS-371 and SLD-uCS-371.

SUPERLUM’s SLD-371-HP1 and HP2 with uCS or mCS compact current and temperature controllers are now offered at a very competitive price and available for one week shipment.
These products offer 50 nm spectral width at 840 nm and 7/15 mW output power. Our uCS and mCS drivers are ready for integration into Customer's system.
Click here to send a request to our research team for more information. T&C may apply.


New OEM MOPA SLDs at 840 and 910 nm by SUPERLUM.

First OEM MOPA SLD type light sources centered at 840 nm and 910 nm are commercially available by SUPERLUM. A MOPA-like SLD light source design allows significant increase of SLD output power along with reduced SLD sensitivity to optical feedback. Optical feedback is a critical problem requiring 40 dB or better optical isolation of a stand-alone SLD at very high levels of output power for its safe and stable operation. New MOPA SLD light sources of SUPERLUM provide 45 mW PM fiber output power and spectrum width of 40 nm at 840 nm and 60 nm at 910 nm. Sources are intended for integration into customers’ systems for OCT, low coherence interferometry, optical metrology, distributed optical sensing, and many other applications. More sources are under development and will be available soon.

More details about commercially available and future MOPA SLD light sources are available here.


SUPERLUM introduces a number of new SLDs at 780 nm.

New medium power SLDs P/N 785G20P5PDF (376 KB), substitute SLD-38-MP devices at 780 nm range. They provide higher power (up to 5 mW instead of 3 mW) while other parameters are the same. This makes them a drop-in replacement of SLD-38-MP-780.

New high power SLDs 785G15P20PDF (376 KB) provide up to 20 mW fiber output power with a flat spectrum with typical 3 dB width of 15 nm. All SLDs are based on specially designed quantum well heterostructures optimized for the best combination of performance parameters.


New SM-fiber coupled 9-mm TOSA-packaged SLD modules at 840 nm.

Superlum announces an extension to the SM-fiber coupled 9-mm TOSA-packaged series of SLD modules at 840 nm. New devices, SLD-840F50P05SPDF (376 KB), provide an SM-fiber output power exceeding 5 mW, and a flat-top optical spectrum with a typical spectrum width exceeding 45 nm. They are recommended for low-cost and portable medical and industrial OCT and other low-coherence interferometric systems, as well as applications requiring uniform, low-speckle and high-brightness illumination.


SUPERLUM's SLD-261 modules are now available at below 660 nm wavelength.

SLD-26 performance

Superlum announces an expansion of the SLD-26 wavelength to below 660 nm. They are now available at 675 nm, 665 nm and 655 nm. Compact 3-SLD lightsources with output power of 8-10 mW and spectrum width of 30 nm, currently the broadest SLD-based lightsources at this band, may be assembled by combining these SLDs by appropriate fiber couplers. Superlum is also planning introduction of a new P/N at this band, namely, medium power SLDs with spectrum width exceeding 10 nm.

Click here to send a request to our research team for more information.


New compact Broadsweepers and optical power boosters for OEM applications.

Superlum has extended its product line of tunable wavelength-swept "Broadsweeper" lasers to include new compact models intended for OEM applications—BS-790-1-OEM, BS-840-1-OEM, and BS-930-1-OEM. The high-resolution acousto-optic tunable filters used in these lasers ensure high accuracy of wavelength control in static operation and excellent wavelength repeatability in sweeping operation. The size of the laser unit (including all control electronics) is only 110 × 41 × 190 mm (W × H × D). The optical power of lasers is 3 mW and it can be boosted up to 20 mW by stand-alone, plug-n-play, spectrally-matched optical boosters of the same footprint. The height of the boosters is 31 mm. The tuning and sweeping range is from 55 nm to 110 nm depending on the model. A wide tuning range exceeding 200 nm can be obtained by combining all three models by appropriate fiber couplers. Newly designed electronic controllers ensure reliable day-to-day operation without adjustments. For detailed information about the new line of tunable lasers and power boosters, click here.


New ultra compact made-to-order single-SLD light sources.

Superlum starts offering new ultra compact made-to-order single SLD light sources, SLD-uCS series. The SLD-uCS is a miniaturized version of the SLD-mCS with half the footprint. It has the same I/O and connectors and requires the same input voltages, thus allowing easy replacement of SLD-mCS sources in applications were the system size becomes of critical importance. SLD-uCS sources may be build based on any SLD module of Superlum provided the SLD drive current does not exceed 300 mA.


New uncooled fiber pigtailed SLDs at 780 nm and 840 nm in coaxial 9 mm packages (TOSA).

Superlum introduces new uncooled fiber pigtailed SLDs at 780 nm and 840 nm in coaxial 9 mm packages (TOSA) targeting booming low cost photonic sensing applications. SLDs provide stable output power of 2.5 mW over temperature range from −20 °C to +60 °C with a typical tracking error of 0.5 dB over entire range. Standard SLDs are pigtailed by a single mode fiber. PMF- and MMF-pigtailed SLDs are available upon request.


New modular Broadsweepers and optical boosters for OEM applications.

Superlum introduces new compact Broadsweepers (swept-wavelength tunable lasers) for OEM customers. With a footprint of only 110 × 190 mm, the new devices have the same functionality as our benchtop Broadsweepers, thus becoming highly attractive for integration into customers' equipment. The akinetic design of the external cavity with a precisely stabilized acousto-optic filter ensures excellent repeatability of the wavelength setting while tuning and sweeping. The laser output can be boosted by a stand-alone optical power booster of the same footprint. Both units are 12 V DC-powered. The units can be controlled from a PC/Laptop and can also be switched on and off by a TTL-level signal. Preliminary specifications for 840-nm devicesPDF (221 KB) are already available. Custom combinations of tuning range and optical power are available upon request.


New uncooled single transverse mode free space SLDs in 780 – 920 nm range.

Superlum has expanded its product line of uncooled single transverse mode free space SLDs in 780 – 920 nm range. The following new models has been added: TO-9 canned medium-power modules with an output power of 20 mW at 795PDF (38 KB), 880PDF (38 KB), and 920 nmPDF (38 KB), and 30-mW TO-56 canned SLD modules at 850 nmPDF (38 KB). These reliable high-brightness low-coherence light sources can be a good replacement for laser diodes in applications suffering from speckles and other kind of system noise associated with narrow spectrum and high temporal coherence of laser diodes.


New SLDs at 670 nm with record-breaking performance.

Superlum announces new SLDs at 670 nm with record-breaking performance. Two new models are commercially available: 15-mW uncooled TO-9 SLD-260-HP-TO9-670PDF (38 KB) and 10-mW SM/PM fiber coupled butterfly packaged SLD-261-HP2-670. Moreover, Superlum is finishing the development of ultra-high-power single mode SLDs at this wavelength. Preliminary ratings are 25 mW in free space (SLD-260-UHPPDF (38 KB)) and 15 mW ex SM/PM fiber in butterfly packaged SLDs (SLD-261-UHPPDF (38 KB)). Both free space and fiber coupled modules are already available in small quantities.


New generation of cBLMD-series compact broadband light source modules with extended bandwidth.

Superlum has introduced the second generation of cBLMD series of multiple-SLD light source modules with extended bandwidth. A key advantage of the new generation of cBLMD light sources is that the drive current of each SLD can be controlled individually, making it possible to tailor the optical spectrum to meet customer requirements.


New product lines of made-to-order single-SLD light sources.

Superlum has significantly expanded its portfolio of made-to-order single-SLD light sources, allowing customers to choose a product that best fits their needs. The new offerings include 9-30 V DC-powered mCS-series modules with a fiber pigtail, sCS-series modules with an FC/APC socket, CS-series modules with an integrated optical isolator and other components, and 12 V DC-powered cBLMD-S-series modules with digital control of SLD parameters.


New ultra-wide-spectrum SLD modules.

Ultra-wide-spectrum SLD modules belonging to the UBB-series are now commercially available. The modules are available at 830 nm (SLD-351UBBPDF (67 KB) having a 6-dB spectrum width of 85 nm), and at 930 nm (SLD-471UBBPDF (68 KB) having a 6-dB spectrum width of 115 nm). The modules are butterfly packaged and SMF or PMF pigtailed. Free-space modules are available upon request. While targeting ultra-high resolution SD-OCT as the main application, these SLDs can be successfully used in a wide range of other types of optical sense and measurement systems.


New ultra-broadband SLDs and SLD light source devices.

Superlum starts offering UBB-series (ultra-broadband) of SLDs and SLD light source devices. The main design goal was to cover the maximum possible spectral range by the minimum number of SLDs while preserving acceptable spectral flatness within the 6-dB spectral range around central wavelength. The newly introduced light sources, cBLMD-D-890-UBB-HPPDF (38 KB) (12 V DC-powered) and M-D-890-UBB-HPPDF (38 KB) (AC-powered benchtop), provide a 6-dB spectral width of 190 nm with a spectral flatness better than 4 dB. UBB-series SLD modules providing a 6-dB spectrum width of 80 nm at 830 nm and of 100 nm at 930 nm will also be added to our product list very soon.


Superlum expands its product lines to include new free-space and fiber coupled SLD modules.

New low-cost SLD-380-MP-TO56PDF (74 KB) module is now available at 830 nm. The important advantage of this SLD is nearly elliptical far field pattern. This allows direct replacement of laser diode modules in free space systems for reducing undesirable parasitic effects caused by laser diode temporal coherence, notably speckles.

New high-power multimode fiber pigtailed SLD modules SLD-M381, SLD-M341 and SLD-M531PDF (42 KB) are available at 840, 855 and 1065 nm center wavelengths. These devices can be very helpful for low-speckle optical illumination for various applications in photonics where multimode fibers are used for delivery of light. These SLDs are characterized by reduced sensitivity to optical feedback, compared with single mode SLDs.


A new model of Broadsweeper BS-930-1-HP with extended wavelength-tuning range.

Superlum is pleased to introduce a new model of a high-power wavelength-swept laser, the Broadsweeper BS-930-1-HP with an extended wavelength-tuning range. The laser is built on the use of a quantum-confined SOA and a quasi-collinear AOTF in an external fiber ring cavity. The device has demonstrated the full tuning range of up to 135 nm at the output power of 15 mW that is the best result ever shown for rapidly swept lasers in 880 – 1010 nm spectral range. The device can sweep the emission wavelength with a sweep speed from 2 nm/s to 104 nm/s. The laser offers the end-user different modes of operation — the manual sweep mode, automatic sweep mode, external sweep mode and two-wavelength switching mode. The model provides high spectral and power stability of laser emission both in time and in temperature. High spectral tuning accuracy and reproducibility together with strictly linear emission frequency sweep in time are ensured. The device is equipped with a PM-fiber output that guarantees high values of PER of laser emission (> 20 dB). Thanks to these advantages of the developed model over the existing BS-930-1, this new swept source can find its place in a variety of applications requiring high-power laser emission together with rapid wavelength tuning over a wide band of wavelengths covering 880 – 1010 nm. To the best of our knowledge, the new model of the Broadsweeper considerably exceeds the existing analogues.

Use the following links to access additional information on the model:


MOPA-SLD-850: The first commercial 850-nm SLD-based benchtop system emitting 50 mW from PM-fiber with a smooth, low-rippled optical spectrum.

Superlum is pleased to announce a new achievement in developing of high-power SLD-based light sources, namely, the first commercial 850-nm SLD-based benchtop system emitting 50 mW from PM-fiber with a smooth, low-rippled optical spectrum. The design is based on the "SLD MOPA" approach described in the corresponding application notePDF (78 KB). It is 100% PM-fiber-based and provides stable output polarization with PER of 20 dB at the fiber output. In addition to very high optical power, there is another important advantage of the "SLD MOPA" design, namely, its reduced sensitivity to optical feedback (see the application notePDF (78 KB) for more details). The instrument may be used in various applications requiring very-high-power and low-coherence single-transverse-mode light sources, for example, Optical Coherence Tomography and white-light interferometry, spectroscopy, metrology, low-speckle optical illumination, optical imaging and others.

Use the links below to access technical documentation for the product:


New ultra high power miniature SLD module at 1045 nm, SLD-530-UHP.

Superlum introduces a new ultra high power miniature superluminescent diode module, SLD-530-UHP-TO9-PDPDF (97 KB). This 9-mm canned module has a CW output power of up to 80 mW and a spectral width of about 40 nm (FWHM).


New D-series BroadLighter.

The product line of D-series BroadLighters has been expanded to include a new model covering 870 – 890-nm spectral range, D-880-MPPDF (87 KB). The new model has a spectral width of 200 nm and provides an output power of about 1.5 mW ex SM-fiber, being practically insensitive to optical feedback.


New specifications of high-power SLDs at 1270 – 1330-nm range.

The specifications of high-power fiber coupled SLDs at 1270 – 1330-nm range, SLD-56-HPPDF (104 Kb), have been updated. The output power has been substantially increased. The HP3 category now provides an output power of up to 30 mW ex SM fiber.


A new Travelling Wave Amplifier module, SOA-482, and a new D-series BroadLighter, D-860-G.

The product line of Travelling Wave Amplifier (TWA) modules is expanded to include a new model, SOA-482PDF (31 Kb). The new TWA module has an optical gain spectrum centered at 970 nm with a bandwidth of 40 nm, a small-signal fiber-to-fiber gain of more than 25 dB and a maximum CW output power of 15 dBm.

The product line of D-series BroadLighters is expanded to include a new model, D-860-GPDF (91 Kb). The new BroadLighter has a bell-shaped spectrum centered at 860 nm, a pedestal-less peak of the coherence function and a spectral width of 70 – 80 nm (FWHM). Two power categories, HP1 (7 mW) and HP2 (20 mW), as well as an optically isolated version, D-860-G-HP-I, are available.


New SLD and driver assemblies for OEMs.

Superlum introduces BLMS mini Broadband Light Sources, a new product line of broadband light sources developed primarily for OEM customers. BLMS mini combines a fiber pigtailed SLD module, a high precision current and temperature controller, and an optional optical isolator in one compact and easy-to-use device. Each product is custom made with the SLD module of your choice.


New specifications of medium-power SLDs at 770 – 890-nm range.

The specifications of free-space and fiber coupled medium-power SLDs at 770 – 890-nm range, SLD-38-MPPDF (104 Kb), were updated.


New ultra high power miniature SLD module at 840 nm, SLD-340-UHP.

Superlum introduces a new ultra high power miniature superluminescent diode module, SLD-340-UHP-TO9-PDPDF (111 Kb). This 9-mm canned module has a CW output power of up to 100 mW and a spectral width of about 25 nm (FWHM).


New broadband SOAs.

The product line of Fiber-Coupled SOA Modules is expanded to include a new family of near-infrared travelling-wave broadband SOAs. The new SOAs' gain bands, taken together, cover the spectral range from 750 to 1100 nm.


New T-series Broadlighters.

The product line of T-series Broadlighters has been expanded to include new models, T-830-HP and T-850-HP.

T-830-HPPDF (89 Kb) has a spectral width of 140 nm FWHM, thus covering the range from 760 to 900 nm, and provides an output power of up to 16 mW ex SM fiber.

T-850-HPPDF (90 Kb) has a spectral width of 165 nm FWHM, thus covering the range from 760 to 925 nm, and provides an output power of up to 16 mW ex SM fiber.

These high-power, extremely low-coherent benchtop instruments are ideal for ultra-high-resolution OCT imaging.


New SLD modules with very wide spectrum centered at 1000 – 1060 nm.

A new series of high power SLD modules centered at 1060 nm, SLD-54PDF (42 Kb), is introduced. The new modules have a spectral width of 70 nm (FWHM) and provide an output power of up to 20 mW ex fiber. These modules, along with corresponding benchtop light sources with optical isolators, will be available for ordering starting January 2013.

The SLD-52PDF (46 Kb) series was expanded to include new SLD modules centered at 1000 nm. The specifications were updated to reflect the change.


SLD-34 series is renewed: new SLD modules are added and existing SLD modules are updated.

New high-power and medium-power SLD-34 modules at 810 – 880 nm has been available since December, 2012.

The renewed SLD-34 series has the following advantages:

  • wide bell-shaped spectrum and sidepeaks-free structure of coherence function
  • large selection of central wavelengths (810, 840, 860, and 880 nm) for high-power modules SLD-34-HPPDF (104 Kb); an output power of up to 16 mW from SM- or PM-fiber, that is, twice the power of former SLD-34 modules
  • up to 60 nm FWHM for medium-power modules SLD-34-MPPDF (104 Kb) at 840 and 860 nm


First SLDs at 840 nm with a 50-nm-wide bell-shaped spectrum for spectral-domain OCT systems.

Superlum introduces the first SLDs at 840 nm, SLD-34PDF (104 Kb), with a 50-nm-wide bell-shaped spectrum for spectral-domain OCT (SD-OCT) systems. One of the main advantages of these novel devices over the existing SLDs at this spectral band is a pure, sidepeaks-free structure of the coherence function. 2-mW and 8-mW SMF or PMF butterfly packaged modules are available as standard options. Additionally, SLDs with reduced sensitivity to optical feedback, which can tolerate an optical feedback to the SLD of up to 4%, are introduced. Standard modules are butterfly packaged. Other packages are available upon request. SLDs can be integrated into miniature plug-n-play SLD-MS light source modules which are ready for immediate use in OCT systems.


New miniature SLD based light source modules, SLD-MS and BLM2-D.

Superlum introduces a new product line—miniature SLD-based light sources. This product line consists of a series of single-SLD-based "SLD-MS" light sources, and a series of broadband "BLM2-D" light sources which are based on two SLDs.

The first instrument, SLD-MSPDF, targets applications that require easy-to-use, plug-n-play, stable and reliable SLD-based light sources insensitive to the ripple and noise from ordinary power supplies. The SLD-MS features a lot of options including power control (either by the internal potentiometer or by an external analog voltage), constant-current or constant-power SLD driving, and fast (up to 100 kHz) SLD switching on and off. The SLD-MS module is recommended for all customers as a new, miniature version of our light sources composed of an integrated or stand-alone SLD and its controller.

The second instrument, BLM2-DPDF, is the first compact version of our well-known D-series Broadlighter. The BLM2-D modules have been developed mainly for OEM customers to facilitate the integration of these complex, state-of-the-art SLD-based light sources into their systems.


New superluminescent diode modules, SLD-33-MP and SLD-33-HP, and new Broadlighter D-810.

Superlum introduces new broadband superluminescent diode modules, SLD-33-MPPDF (119 Kb) and SLD-33-HPPDF (119 Kb) centered around 780 nm with a typical spectrum width (FWHM) of 50 nm, including a record-breaking 25-mW SM-fiber coupled model, SLD-331-HP3.

The D-series Broadlighter product line is expanded—a new model, Broadlighter D-810-HPPDF (119 Kb), is introduced. This benchtop instrument with a 100-nm-wide spectrum centered at 810 nm is designed for ultra-high-resolution OCT and other applications that require high-power, broadband, low-coherent light source covering the spectral range from 760 to 860 nm.


New D-series and T-series Broadlighters.

The product line of D-series Broadlighters has been upgraded and new models are introduced. An optical isolator is now a standard option in the most powerful D-series light sources.

A new high-power Broadlighter, the Broadlighter T-860-HPPDF (119 Kb), has a 135-nm spectrum width (FWHM). This model has replaced the previous model T-840-HP which has a 100-nm-wide spectrum.

These high-power, extremely low-coherent benchtop instruments are ideal for ultra-high-resolution OCT imaging and other applications.


Superlum demonstrates 50-mW SLD-based light sources with low sensitivity to optical feedback.

Superlum announces that it has achieved record-breaking power levels for SLD-based light sources. The light sources utilize Master-Oscillator-Power-Amplifier (MOPA) configuration in which the light from a medium power master SLD is amplified by an appropriate semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) of the same wavelength. The use of MOPA system allowed us to demonstrate a light source at 840 nm with an output power of 50 mW ex SM-fiber and a spectrum width of 15 nm, while still having a negligible spectral ripple. An important advantage of the light source is its reduced sensitivity to optical feedback. For more details on the new light sources, please refer to our new application note Boosting of SLD Power. Feedback-Insensitive, Ultra-High-Power MOPA SLD SourcesPDF (119 Kb).


New specifications of medium-power SLDs at 770 – 890-nm range.

A new generation of medium-power SLDs at 770 – 890-nm range has been available since March, 2009. The new SLDs have the same electrical and mechanical specifications as the earlier generation ones, allowing drop-in replacement with improved performance and lower price.

Free-space: SLD-380-MP-TO9-PD. They are the next generation of uncooled 9-mm canned SLD-380-MP1,2,3-TO9-PD. Their output power reaches 20 mW in free space, that is, more than twice the power of former 380-MP3 (7.5 mW).

SM- or PM-fiber coupled: SLD-381-MP-DIL/butterfly-SM/PM-PD. They provide an output power of up to 3 mW from SM- or PM-fiber, that is, twice the power of former SLD-381-MP1,2,3-DIL/DBUT-SM/PM modules. Moreover, SLDs with further enhanced performance are available upon request. Custom features include higher power, invisible spectral ripple, secondary coherence sub-peaks intensity below -30 dB (10log), up-to-35-nm-wide bell-shaped spectra and a lot of others.


SLD-351 with a 3-dB spectrum width of up to 70 nm and an SM-fiber output power exceeding 20 mW are now available at 825-, 845-, and 865-nm center wavelength. Please see updated specificationsPDF (119 Kb) for more details.


The multimode fiber coupled 840-nm SLD-M381 has now an output power of 150 mW.


We are pleased to introduce pioneering, very broadband, high-power superluminescent diode modules SLD-35-HPPDF (32 Kb) in a (790 – 860)-nm spectral range. Their spectrum width (FWHM) exceeds 60 nm. The development of SLD-35-HP allowed us to increase the spectrum width of Broadlighter D855 to 100 nm. The specifications of Broadlighter D855 were updated to reflect the change.


The product line of traveling-wave amplifier modules at 1060 nm was expanded. SOA-532PDF (38 Kb) has a 30-dB fiber-to-fiber gain and a 35-nm optical gain bandwidth at -3 dB.


We are pleased to introduce a new swept wavelength tunable external cavity laser, Broadsweeper BS-840. It has an (820 – 870)-nm tuning range and a 0.05-nm instantaneous linewidth. The instrument can be used in the following operation modes:

  • Operation at any selected wavelength within the full tuning range.
  • Alternation between the two desired wavelengths (any two wavelengths from the full tuning range may be chosen).
  • Linear sweep of wavelength with a rate of 200 Hz over the full tuning range (50-nm), and of 1 kHz over any 10-nm interval within the full tuning range.


Superlum introduces the first SLD modules emitting at 650 nm, SLD-25-LP.


Superlum starts to offer a new line of very high power multimode SLD modules, SLD-M381-MM. These multimode fiber pigtailed butterfly modules operate in 840-nm range and have output power of 100 mW. The modules are based on newly developed broad-area SLD emitters which provide up to 200 mW of output power. Free-space versions of the modules will be available soon.


Superluminescent diodes in 1170 – 1200 nm spectral range are commercially available starting December 2006.

We are pleased to introduce pioneering broadband SLD modules for our scientific research customers. New medium power modules SLD551-MPPDF (25 Kb) are based on multilayer InAs/AlGaAs/Ga/As "quantum-dot-in-a-well" heterostructure. These SLD modules provides output power of 1 mW ex SM fiber and 3-dB spectral width of 30 nm. The modules close the gap between 770 – 1160 nm and 1270 – 1600 nm spectral ranges of conventional SLD-based light sources.


Superlum introduces a new product line of light sources for OEMs, called S-series Broadband Light Source Modules. These modules have the same optical parameters as AC powered benchtop S-series Broadlighter devices, but were designed for integration into optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems.


Medium power SLD-26-MP modules at 680 nm are divided into two subcategories, based on output power. The first subcategory, the "MP1", corresponds to the former MP category of SLD-26 modules. New modules with higher output power (up to 2 mW ex SM fiber) make up the second subcategory, the "MP2". Free-space MP2 diodes have output power ranging from 3 mW (minimum) to 5 mW (maximum) at +25 °C. This change allows our customers to choose medium power SLDs that better meet the requirements of a particular application. It also provides cost savings for customers looking for medium power SLDs at 680 nm. The specifications were updated to reflect the change:


Superlum introduces two new extremely low-coherent benchtop broadband light sources: Broadlighter was cited by Photonics Spectra Magazine as one of the best new products of the year 2004.


A variety of fiber coupled SLD modules in 1000 – 1100 nm spectral range are available now:

  • High power SLD-53 at 1050 nm with up to 30 mW SM fiber output.
  • Very broadband SLD-52 at 1020 nm with spectral bandwidth more than 100 nm FWHM and 5 mW SM fiber output.


Superlum introduces new product line of high gain SOAs at 780 - 1000 nm spectral range, namely:

Double path amplifier modules (gain modules) SOA-371 at 810 - 890 nm and SOA-481 at 930 - 960 nm for external cavity/tunable lasers;

Traveling wave amplifier modules SOA-382, SOA-372 at 780 - 880 nm.


Q-series Broadlighter product line is expanded.

Superlum introduces new high-power broadband benchtops Q1350 and Q1430 covering 1260 – 1490 nm and 1310 – 1560 nm spectral ranges.


New high-power fiber coupled module at 830 nm spectral range is introduced.

Superlum introduces a new high-power SLD module at 800 – 850 nm band, SLD-381-HP3. The new module emits up to 30 mA ex SM fiber with flat bell-like ripple-free spectrum.

The specifications of SLD-38-HPPDF (43 Kb) modules were updated to reflect the change.


New broadband modules at 1400 nm spectral range are available now.

High power SLD-661-HP-DBUT-SMPDF (24 Kb) 3 dB spectrum width is 60 nm at 15 mW optical power ex SM fiber.

Cost effective SLD-661-MP-DIL-SMPDF (24 Kb) 3 dB spectrum width is 65 nm at 2 mW optical power ex SM fiber.

Very broadband SLD-661-LP-DIL-SMPDF (24 Kb) 3 dB spectrum width is 85 nm.


New high power broadband SLD-571-HP-DBUT-SMPDF (24 Kb) module is available now at 1300 nm spectral range.

3 dB spectrum width is 50 nm at 10 mW optical power, 60 nm at 5 mW optical power ex SM fiber.


Broadlighter development team, left to right:
Dmitri S. Mamedov, Ph. D.;
Alexei A. Rujenkov, Engineer;
Sergey D. Yakubovich, Prof., Head of R&D group, Senior member IEEE/LEOS;
Sergey V. Vdovenko, Senior Engineer;
Viatcheslav V. Prokhorov, Engineer, post-graduate student.


The Award for Broadlighter D-890.

Superlum was honored by Photonics Spectra Magazine with a Photonics Circle of Excellence Award for developing one of the twenty-five best new products of the year 2004, Broadlighter D-890.

These awards are bestowed annually in recognition of excellence, innovation and achievement in new product development in photonics technology.

New Broadlighters are available now:

T840-HP: 10 mW SM fiber output power and 100 nm FWHM;
T870-MP: 3 mW SM fiber output power and 180 nm FWHM;
Q890-MP: 200 nm FWHM centered at 890 nm, up to 5 mW ex SM fiber


New activity of Superlum – Gain Modules for tunable lasers. Please download soa371.pdfPDF (63 Kb) file for more details.


New medium power broadband SLD571-MP2-DIL-SM module is available now at 1300 nm spectral range.

3 dB spectrum width is 70 nm at 1 mW optical power ex SM fiber.


Product line of D-series Broadlighters was upgraded!

Our efforts on 780-980 nm SLD design allows further improvement of
Broadlighter performance. New D-855 device at 855 nm with 80 nm spectrum FWHM
is available, with output power typically 6 mW from SM fiber. High-power
versions of D-890 and D-830 are developed, the last delivering more than 10 mW
with 70 nm spectrum FWHM centered at 830 nm. Additionally, new cost-effective
MP-rated Broadlighters are available since September 2004.

New devices for OCT application are available now:

  • D830-HP2 – 12 mW SM fiber output power and 70 nm FWHM at 830 nm center.
  • D855-HP1 – 6 mW SM fiber output power and 80 nm FWHM at 855 nm center.
  • D890-HP1 – 6 mW SM fiber output and 150 nm FWHM at 890 nm center.
  • D1300-HP1 – 100 nm and 5 mW at 1300 nm.


Professor J. Fujimoto's group M.I.T., working with collaborators at the New England Eye Center, achieved ultrahigh resolution OCT images with ~2.3 μm resolution in microscopy and ~3.2 μm resolution in the human retina, using the BroadLighter D890.


SLD-381-HP1 module is available at 790 nm spectral band. 10 mW ex SM fiber!
Since March 2004 we are offering SLD-38-HP1 power category module with central peak at 790 – 795 nm. 20 mW ex SM fiber modules will be available soon.

Bandwidth of medium power categories at 790 nm spectral range has increased up to 18 – 20 nm FWHM.


New cost effective complete set:
New cost-effective 1 mW SLD "S-type" light sources are available at 680, 820, 1300 and 1550 nm.

Wall-plug powerful light source with optical isolator:
Wall-plug powerful light sources "S-type Broadlighters" provide up to 10 mW SM fiber output power at 1300 nm spectral band. Constant power operation with direct control of output power, and polarization insensitive fiberoptic isolator allow excellent stability of performance parameters.


New prototypes of BroadLighters are available:
BroadLighter D830-HP, 3 mW ex SM fiber output, bandwidth 70 nm FWHM.

BroadLighter D890-HP, 3 mW ex SM fiber output, bandwidth 150 nm FWHM!


New BroadLighter is available at 930 nm.
It has 100 nm spectrum FWHM and less than 10 µm coherence length. The device may be very useful for OCT and other low-coherence interferometry applications.


New Products: Superlum BroadLighters at 1300 -1550 nm spectral bands.
Since 2003 Superlum is offering commercially new devices: BroadLighters, in which two or more spectrally-shifted SM fiber coupled SLD modules are combined to get a poweful and very broadband radiation.


Very broad spectrum SLDs at 1450 nm and 1550 nm.
Since September 2002 Superlum has been offering commercially extremely broadband (100 nm FWHM) SLD-76-LP at 1550 nm and 1450 nm with residual spectral modulation as small as 1%.

7 mW SM fiber output, 50 nm FWHM 830 nm SLD-37-HP for OCT and other sensor applications.
High-Power (HP) series of a very wide spectrum 830 nm band SLD-37-HP is available now from Superlum. High output power and wide spectrum of SLD-37-HP allows a further improvement of resolution in optical coherence tomography and other similar applications.


Since July 2002 SLD-761 is available at a considerable lower price.
10 months ago the programm to decrease internal costs of SLD-761 modules was started at Superlum Diodes. As a result of this programme, prices of standard SLD-761 modules are 25 – 30 percent less since July 2002.

SLD-76 is available at 1440 nm band.
Since July 2002 SLD-76 devices emit at 1440 nm, too. Both medium power and high-power diodes are available.

New products will be available soon.
Superlum is finishing developments of the following new products: high power series of SLD-37, 5 – 10 mW SM fiber modules; extremely broadband SLDs at 1550 nm (FWHM greater than 100 nm, 0.1 mW SM fiber output). Both products should be commercially available since August – September 2002.


Company moved to new facilities and has doubled since January 2001;
the staff of company is now 45 employees

SLD-76 is available at different wavelengths within 1480 – 1620 nm range.
Since September 2001 SLD-76 are available not only at 1480 nm and 1550 nm, but at other wavelengths within 1480 – 1620 nm band, for example, at 1530 nm and 1580 nm. In addition, low cost MP1 diodes emitting typically 0.5 mW ex SM fiber pigtails are commercially available

High-power SLD-76 prototypes are commercially available.
Since Septemeber 2001 Superlum is offering HP1-rated SLD-761 modules with 5 mW output power at 1480 nm and some other wavelengths from 1480 – 1620 nm band.


SUPERLUM Ltd. have changed its name to Superlum Diodes, Ltd. Due to increased sales, we have rented additional 250 sq. m for carrying works on design, development and control of superluminescent diodes – the heart of our modules.

1480 nm and 1550 nm SLD modules are now commercially available.
Modules provide up to 2 mW SM fiber output and have excellent, low-rippled spectrum. Devices may be extremely inetresting for testing of fiber-optic components, including Er-doped amplifier components and passive DWDM devices.

SLD-48-MP are now available at 1045 nm.
Since October 2000 SLD-48-MP diodes are available at 1045 nm center, with 50 nm FWHM low-rippled spectrum. Output power from SM fiber pigtail is 1 mW (up to 2 mW may be delivereded upon request).

SLD-47 series provides more than 7 mW SM fiber output with 70 nm FWHM at 950 nm band.
Since October 2000 we are offering SLD-47-HP category with greater than 7 mW SM fiber output at 940 nm range.

New packages available. In October, 2000, in addition to existing packages, we provide: double-sided butterfly package, 5.6 mm TO cans, and a new miniature 'MINIBUTterfly' fiber package (10 × 10 × 4 mm frame size).


SLDs cover more wavelengthes in range from 1480 nm to 1560 nm.
As a result of design efforts at this band, SUPERLUM is now offering engineering quantities SLD modules rated from 0.5 mW to 2.5 mW ex SM fiber output centered at 1480 nm, 1530 nm and 1560 nm. The device ratings will be finally added to our Web Site by the end of July. However,you can ask us on any detail right now.


SLD-26, 680 nm series diodes are now more powerful.
SM fiber output up to 20 mW, and free space outputs up to 40 mW are now available. Maximum residual spectral modulation depth is now rated to 3%, twice less than before! In addition, devices are now divided into different power categories, allowing our customers to select devices that match their requirements better and safe budget when very-high-outputs are not necessary. Considerbaly lower priced, 3 mW free space, 1 mW ex fiber, SLD-26-MP category is now available.

1480 nm SLD modules will be available soon.
SUPERLUM is planing to offer commercially 1480 nm - centred SLD module prototypes starting from mid February 2000. Modules will have 1 – 2 mW SM fiber output with about 50 – 55 nm FWHM and a small spectral modulation depth.


SLD-56-HP series diodes with up to 5 mW ex SM fiber output are available in engineering quantities.
This is the result of our efforts for the further improvement of 1300 nm SLD emitter, as well as the coupling method.

PILOT-2 drivers are now available with possibility for setting and indication of SLD driving parameters.
New compact drivers, when supplied by 9 V DC, provide excellent stability and protection of SLD modules, with idication and setting of SLD current, temperature and monitor photocurrent. New PILOT-2 drivers may be used with any of SLD module produced by SUPERLUM Ltd.


SLD-36 series diodes are removed from our product list. The substitution to the old module is SLD-38-MP diodes, 3 categories with the same ratings as SLD-361 A, B, C. Main advantage of 38-MP diodes is longer lifetime: MTTF greater than 100000 hours at +25 °C is already confirmed, target value is 200000 hours (SLD-36 diodes has a MTTF of 60000 hours). Another advantage is lower prices at high quantities.

Such specific wavelengths as 780 nm, 808 nm and 920 nm are now available with our superluminescent diode modules.

Improvement of 1300 nm diodes has resulted in increased outputs of SLD-56 series devices. Now three categories of diodes are available, rated typical 0.5, 1.0 and 2.0 mW ex SM fiber output power.

Soon, 0.5 mW Ex fiber 1550 nm band prototypes will be available.

On April 1999 new version of our PILOT drivers will be commercially available. The main advantage of the new driver is a possibility to control SLD current and temperature and their changes. It is also planned to add indication of SLD current, thermistor resistance and monitor photocurrent.

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