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Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
Semiconductor optical amplifiers and gain chip modules for tunable lasers and other applications. Learn more »
Broadband Light Sources
Broadband Light Sources
Award-winning broadband light sources based on superluminescent diodes with record-breaking performance. Learn more »
Swept Wavelength Tunable Lasers
Swept Wavelength Tunable Lasers
No-moving-parts design enables high-speed random-access tuning with very high accuracy. Tuning range of 50 nm and more. Learn more »
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  07 July 2023
Superlum's new bell-spectrum SLD portfolio.
Superlum announces that we have finished updating our bell-spectrum SLD portfolio at 840 nm. New standard P/Ns cover the entire range of parameters previously available with SLD-381 at 840 nm.
  19 June 2023
Superlum product deliveries resume.
Superlum announces that during the past months, we successfully established an alternative supply chain. We can now deliver most of our products with reduced lead times.
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SLDs: An Overview (PDF, 115 KB)
SLDs: Optical Feedback (PDF, 94 KB)
Feedback-insensitive MOPA SLD Sources (PDF, 78 KB)
BLL OEM Ultra-Compact SLD Light Source
for PCB On-Board Integration
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