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Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers
Semiconductor optical amplifiers and gain chip modules for tunable lasers and other applications. Learn more »
Broadband Light Sources
Broadband Light Sources
Award-winning broadband light sources based on superluminescent diodes with record-breaking performance. Learn more »
Swept Wavelength Tunable Lasers
Swept Wavelength Tunable Lasers
No-moving-parts design enables high-speed random-access tuning with very high accuracy. Tuning range of 50 nm and more. Learn more »
   Latest News
  02 December 2019
New ultra compact made-to-order single-SLD light sources.
  05 October 2019
New uncooled fiber pigtailed SLDs at 780 nm and 840 nm in coaxial 9 mm packages (TOSA).
  15 July 2018
New Modular Broadsweepers and Optical Boosters for OEM Applications.
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Superluminescent Diodes
Fiber-Coupled SOA Modules
Drivers & Controllers, PILOTs
Broadband Light Sources, BroadLighters
Swept Wavelength Tunable Lasers, Broadsweepers
MOPA SLD Systems
Customized Solutions
Discontinued Products
Frequently Asked Questions
SLDs: An Overview (PDF, 115 KB)
SLDs: Optical Feedback (PDF, 94 KB)
Feedback-insensitive MOPA SLD Sources (PDF, 78 KB)
Broadsweepers: Continuous tuning range of up to 130 nm (PDF, 320 KB)
New Compact OEM Broadsweepers
New Modular Broadsweepers and Optical Boosters for OEM ApplicationsPDF (221 KB).
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