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For decades, we have supplied superluminescent light-emitting diodes (SLDs), swept lasers, and broadband light sources for various applications. Not only do we understand, but also subtly feel the nuances of each specific application, each specific task for which our products are planned to be used, from SLD modules to wall plug ready light sources.
Superlum was the first company to make SLDs its core business. We have the longest history of supplying SLDs for a wide range of academic research and industry tasks.

If you require assistance in selecting a light source for your application, please contact us for a recommendation, indicating which of the applications you would like to use our products and the specific requirements - for example, wavelength, power, type of output. We will reply to you as quickly as possible to offer the most suitable options for solving your specific query.

SLD light sources for medical optical coherence tomography

Superlum offers a wide variety of SLD modules and ready-to-use light sources for many different medical OCT systems, with focus on ophthalmic OCT at 780-1060 nm. There are many models available, optimized for different combination of output power and spectrum width. They allow customers to select optimal light source performance for required sensitivity, resolution, acquisition rate and other important parameters of a medical OCT system.

Featured products:
SLD-371 are butterfly packaged SLD modules at 840 nm which were successively used in a pioneering demonstrations of SD OCT in a human eye by a leading and well-known Research Centres worldwide. These SLDs are our best sellers for commercial ophthalmic OCT systems with the resolution of 10 microns and below. They provide an excellent reliability, stability and price-to-performance value. Ultrahigh resolution down to a few microns is possible by out Broadlighter SLD sources which are available in benchtop versions for academic labs and OEM versions for easy integration into imaging systems.


SLD light sources for Industrial OCT and Spectroscopy

Industrial applications usually require ready-to-use and/or ready-to- integrate light source modules rather than simple SLD modules which require a lot of various protections to ensure their safe operation and long life. We offer a wide range of SLD OEM light sources and tunable/swept lasers OEM Broadsweeper to fit your system. We ensure easy integration, operation and maintenance with warranties extendable to up to 3 years.

Featured products:
Ready-to-use SLD-mCS light sources with warranty extendable to 3 years and up to 20,000 h of operation depending on SLD module inside.


SLD light sources for optical sensing

  • Fiber Optic Gyroscopes for Navigation and other related technologies;
  • Fiber Optic Sensors for complex industrial structures, including Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors;
  • Fiber Optic Sensors based on Faraday Effect, like Electric Current Sensors.
Featured product: we offer SLD modules for mission-critical applications, for example, SLD-38 series SLD modules.

SLD-38 series SLD modules

Light Sources for optical metrology

  • dispersion measurements, especially polarization dispersion like PMD in polarization-maintaining fibers;
  • measurements of spectral responses (transmission, absorption, reflection) of different optical systems;
Featured product:
cBLMD-T-850 provides nearly flat spectral density across 150 nm bandwidth at 850 nm. Broadsweeper tunable lasers make spectrometers redundant for spectral testing at 750-1100 nm.


Light Sources for optical illumination and microscopy

  • Atomic Force Microscopy;
  • High-Brightness Speckle-Free illumination.
Featured products:
We offer wide range of SLD modules from 15 mW TO-9 packaged SLDs at 670 nm to 100 mW free space and MM fiber-coupled SLDs at 840 nm.

SLD-260-HP at 670 nm

Gain Modules/SOAs for tunable lasers at 650-1100 nm

  • Gain modules for external cavity lasers and sweeper
  • Optical power boosters
  • Fast optical switching

Featured products: SOA-542 offers an outstanding combination of fiber-to-fiber gain and bandwidth at 1060 nm. It is an excellent choice for building your own tunable laser, sweeper or booster at 1060 nm.


Application Notes and Materials

— Find our short notice "Superluminescent Diodes. Short overview of device operation principles and performance parameters" and feel free ask us for more details about particular SLD parameter.

— Find out our short notice "SLDs: Optical Feedback" to learn more about the optical feedback sensitivity of superluminescent diodes.

— Find out our application note "Feedback-Insensitive MOPA SLD sources" on high power SLD light sources.

— Find out our application note "Broadsweepers: Continuous tuning range of up to 130 nm" to get familiar with Superlum tunable light sources.

— Please refer our FAQ page for most common queries about Superlum products.

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