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OEM Master Oscillator Power Amplifier SLD (MOPA-SLD) Systems


  • Up to 100 mW output power
  • Dimensions (W × H × D): 110 × 31 × 190 mm
  • Power requirements 9–15 VDC (1.5 A max)
  • Operating temperature range: +15 °C to +40 °C
  • Pulse modulation (ON/OFF) up to 5 kHz
  • USB virtual serial port for computer control
  • Reduced sensitivity to optical feedback
The OEM Broadsweeper, tunable, wavelength-swept laser


The OEM MOPA-SLD light sources feature a compact outline dimensions of 110 × 31 × 190 mm (W × H × D) and the ability to be operated at any operating voltage within 9-15 VDC (1.5 A max). The optical power can be pulse modulated (switched ON/OFF) at a rate of 5 kHz. All OEM MOPA-SLD light sources are equipped with USB ports for remote control from a PC. User software and communication protocol are included with each light source.

Standard Models Available for Ordering

Standard models of the OEM MOPA-SLD light sources are listed in the table below.

The optical design is based on PM fiber. The optical output can be a 500mm-long FC/APC terminated fiber pigtail in a 3mm reinforced tube, or an FC/APC mating sleeve for external connection of FC/APC patch cables.

Model number Center wavelength (nm) Output power, PM (mW) Spectral width, FWHM (nm) Optical spectrum and coherence function
Min. Typ. Min. Typ.
MOPA-SLD-840-P40W40-OEM 840 ± 10 40.0 45.0 37 40  multi-humped spectrum HTML | PDF (48 KB)
MOPA-SLD-910-P40W60-OEM 910 ± 10 40.0 45.0 57 60  multi-humped spectrum HTML | PDF (57 KB)
MOPA-SLD-850-P100W12-OEM 850 ± 10 90.0 100.0 10 12  multi-humped spectrum HTML | PDF (63 KB)

Technical Overview

The OEM series of MOPA-SLD light sources is a new generation of Superlum high-power SLD light sources that are intended for OEM applications.

The OEM-MOPA SLD broadband light source combines an extremely high output power with a wide optical spectrum. This is achieved by amplifying the Master SLD source's emission with a spectrally-matched optical power booster.

The OEM MOPA-SLD light source features compact outline dimensions 110 × 31 × 190 mm (W × H × D) and capability of operation in a voltage range of 9 – 15 VDC (1.5 A max.). The device supports pulse modulation (ON/OFF switching) at a frequency rate up to 5 kHz. The electrical pulses are to be supplied externally from an external pulse generator.

Please note that the OEM-MOPA light source is intended for integration into the end-user's equipment and is to be considered as an optical component. For this reason, the device is NOT equipped with all required protective measures for safety operation. Before running the instrument, please check Safety Considerations section in this document.

Remote Control Capability

Due to the renewed internal electronics, the OEM-MOPA light source provides three types of the optical power control:

  • manually, by pressing the top-cover pushbutton
  • remotely, by applying logic signals to the back-side Remote control port
  • remotely, from a PC (or laptop) via the side-back USB virtual serial port

All OEM-MOPA SLD light sources are supplied with the USB- and Remote-port interfaces as standard options. For twenty-four-hour-a-day applications, there may be a need to have the instrument periodically checked to make sure the device is in good operational conditions. To make this procedure as easy as possible, Superlum offers the self-test function as a part of the Superlum companion software. The self-test queries all performance parameters required for the device performance evaluation. The entire process takes only a few seconds to complete. Following this, a list with up-to-date readings of the operational parameters is generated. It is recommended sending the list to Superlum for proper interpretation of the obtained data.

There is another way to control the MOPA-SLD remotely which is relied on external TTL pulses applied to the Remote Control port on the back side of the instrument. The device accepts TTL-compatible pulses (3 – 5 V max.).

Laser Safety Measures

The offered line of optical products includes the units emitting light at power levels of up to 70 mW in the near-infrared spectral range, which is invisible by a human eye. Basing on the values of optical power and the spectral ranges, these light sources can be classified as Class 3B laser products (as per IEC 60825-1 Ed. 3 2014-05). These sources are intended for integration into the end-user's equipment. These devices do not have the necessary protective features (such as remote interlock, key operated master control, warning signals, etc.) required by the Laser Safety standards applicable. Although some of the features are possible under computer control using the Superlum companion software or remote communication protocol. It is the end-user's liability to provide the complete list of the necessary laser safety measures in their systems where the Superlum light sources are going to be used. Superlum cannot be made liable for any injury related with the lack of the required laser safety measures in Superlum's OEM MOPA-SLD light sources.

General Specifications

Power Requirements: +12 VDC / 1.5 A
Power Consumption: 18 W (max)
Operating Temperature: +15 °C to +40 °C
Storage Temperature: −20 °C to +50 °C
Outline Dimensions (W × H × D): 190 × 110 × 31 mm
Weight: 1.0 kg

Custom Models on Request

If you are looking for a different wavelength range or optical performance, contact us for more details. Benchtop versions of the OEM MOPA-SLD light sources are also available upon request.

Technical Documentation

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